Northeast Tecmo is back online!

Greetings Fellow Tecmoers!  Northeast Tecmo is back online!  As some of you probably noticed the site had been down for a few months.  We forgot to pay the electricity bill, but it’s up and running now albeit in skeletal form.  Over the next few months, additional content will be added that was once on the previous site from prior tournaments.  That includes results, pictures, etc. that will be a lot easier to navigate and use.

You will also see information and signup for the New York City tournament coming up in October, as well as future tournaments like the annual Connecticut Tecmo Tournament in December.  Until then, keep checking the site for the latest updates!


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11 Responses to Northeast Tecmo is back online!

  1. "Superstar" Rob Schulz says:

    Ooh, Buffalo is a LOT closer than NYC. I’m gonna keep an eye out!


    • Thanks for being first, Superstar! The Buffalo tournament usually takes place during the Spring (April/May) and it’s been going on the past four years. Can’t see why there won’t be a fifth next year!


      • "Superstar" Rob Schulz says:

        Hmm, not sure how I missed those.. Were those not mentioned in the mailings? I’ve seen the NYC one advertised multiple times, but its a heckuva drive. “April / May” (leaving a note to highlight two months of next year’s calendar) — Got it!


      • John says:

        How do i sign up for the tournament on Buffalo?


  2. Bo Jackson says:

    Longtime tecmo gamer from CT, but never played in the tourneys. What can you tell me about the CT tournament?


  3. Bo Jackson says:

    What can you tell me about the CT tournament?


  4. louis b. says:

    hey rob. send me an email to ss4sonkun at yahoo dot com. i run the buffalo tournament. ill add you to list


  5. Tim Sliwka says:

    Anyone remember Mort losing last year when he put 100 on his bounty? I do because it was me. #Mortcanthandleme


  6. Damian Healy says:

    NYC tourney info please:

    Once registered, do we need to bring equipment? (why is there an equipment check box?)

    Once the teams are chosen can you change offense plays or the default plays must be used?



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