Bronx Bowl II Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the second ever Bronx Bowl!

joker promo 2020

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NY Tecmo 2019 Registration Open!

Register now for the New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2019!

The Trick Is to Stay Alive…

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Matty D Wins Third LI Retro Title

If you went to the Cradle of Aviation Museum last Saturday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, you would have seen more than one “touch-down.” Amidst the backdrop of the Apollo 11 module, sixteen Tecmo warriors faced off last Saturday to claim supremacy on the 8-bit gridiron. It was the fourth year men congregated to celebrate Tecmo Super Bowl at the LI Retro Expo, and it was the third time Matty D came out victorious (2016, 2017, 2019). However, with a new tournament format in place, he had to do it all the way through with the Green Bay Packers.

Sixteen players, ranging from the very new to the seasoned vet, drafted two teams- one AFC and one NFC- to carry them through a single elimination bracket. The new players all drafted first with the veterans drafting in descending order based on tournament experience and success.  There were four teams (HOU, RAI, GIA, PHI) drafted twice to fill out the 32 team bracket.  If one of a player’s teams was eliminated, they had to battle the rest of the day with their other team. This set up some unique matchups within the conference.  The top finishers in this new format were:

1) Matty D

2) Brett F

3) Pat H


Brett F, Brian R, and Matty D hanging out with Neil A

Scott S, Danny K, and Bill M all made the quarters. Brett F was the best performing newcomer, so he’ll get free admission to the New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament on October 19th.

Special thanks to George, Chris, and Joel at LI Retro allowing us to do this for the past four years.  The finals were exciting and the Pat H victory over Matty D in OT was especially nailbiting. Special props to Pat H for taking both his teams (CLE, ATL) to the semi-finals. Also, thanks again to the NHL 94 crew for sharing this experience with us and helping out when we needed it. Special thanks to NHL 94 guru John G for participating in his first Tecmo tournament (!), and John M and Chris M for helping set up and break down.

You can check out more photos here:


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First Poughkeepsie Tournament a Success!

coach and brayden

On July 20th, Tecmoers gathered at Mahoney’s Irish Pub in Poughkeepsie, NY to raise awareness of Guillain-Barré syndrome — a disorder where the body attacks the nervous system. Young resident Brayden Post was diagnosed, and the Tecmo community stepped in.  Proceeds from entry and raffle prizes went to the GBS Foundation.

There was plenty of Tecmo to be had on the day with a lot of competitive matchups. Matt D was champion on the day, defeating Brian R in the finals, with Kevin S defeating Leif P in the third place matchup.  Thanks go to Patrick Blanchard for putting together the event.

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NYC 2019 Bronx Bowl Tournament Registration Now Open!

Registration for the New York Tecmo Tournament Bronx Bowl 2019 on January 26. 2019 is now open!  Please follow the link to register!

nes controller

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be making a few changes to the site, as well as posting a few retrospectives over the last few tournaments in Northeast in 2018, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Philly, and Long Island. Stay tuned!

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Kevin S Takes Home His First NYC Crown

The 7th annual NYC Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Queens is in the books! Congrats to Kevin for going undefeated on the day and taking home the first place trophy! I felt like this year had some of the fiercest all-around competition that the tournament has ever had. The top 8 finishers were:

1) Kevin S (tadaos)

2) Matt D (Matty D)

3) Shawn S (stalltalk)

4) Erik M (arncoem)


Rounding out the top eight were Jim T (powerade), Chris B (Barletti), Brian R (BadMoonRison), Umberto R (discdolo)

This marks the first time that a NYC Tournament ended on an Overtime game, with Kevin’s Browns victorious over Matty’s Packers, 13-10. All top 8 seeds advanced to the Elite 8, which may also be the first time that has happened in NYC Tourney history!

Raffle winners!: Matt B, Anthony M, Mike Mac, and Justin A

Tournament bracket and game results!

Stay tuned for tournaments in Fishkill, NY in November and Southington, CT in December!

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Northeast Tecmo Season Kicks Off on Long Island

The first Tecmo tournament in the Northeast in nearly ten months kicked off last Saturday at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The Expo was amazing and so was the Tecmo.  Your top finishers were:

1st: Matt D

2nd: Erik M

3rd: Kevin S

Congrats to the top finishers and thanks to all who participated!  Special shoutout to Chris B who finished 4th in his first tournament and Greg L who took home 5th in his best finish to date.  Also special thanks to the NHL 94 crew for working with us and letting us borrow a couple of TVs for the opening rounds.  Picture of the finals below (MIA vs SD):

liretro finals 17.jpg

Matt D. taking on Erik M. in the finals at LI Retro Expo




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